Springtime Treats – Equal Sucralose Shopportunity

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I was truly excited to be able to participate in this social shoppers insight study for Collective Bias.

This shop took place at Walmart Store #935, in Denham Springs, LA. I was there to purchase  Equal Sucralose, in the pretty yellow canisters. Wow – it must be really popular, because there were only 4 on the shelves! Probably because it’s lower in price than the Splenda, and the canister (vs the Splenda bag packaging), is so much more convenient to use.  Having $2 off coupons helps too:-)

You can see my #CBias Google Story Album, of the entire shop, and I’d love some comments:-)

It was hot, so I didn’t really feel like baking. I wanted to make something “light”.  I decided on making one of our favorite meals…Boneless pork ribs, baked potatoes, and cole slaw.  I substituted the Equal Sucralose, for the sugar in the recipe.  Let me tell you, it was so much easier to scoop out and measure the Equal Sucralose, from the handy dandy canister, that it is to try to scoop and measure from the Splenda bag.  And snapping the lid back on the canister, was a breeze.  The Splenda bag has one of those zip tops…but I’m never sure if I get it completely sealed.

Equal Sucralose, is measured just the same as sugar…if your recipe calls for 1 cup of sugar, then you replace that with 1 cup of the Equal Sucralose. The Equal Sucralose looks just like sugar…it just weighs a lot less, and has ZERO calories.

Once I had the potatoes and ribs in the oven, I pulled out all the ingredients for the cole slaw. This included slaw mix, mayo, lemons, vinegar, milk, buttermilk powder, salt, pepper, and the Equal Sucralose.






I squeezed the lemons, and then put the juice into a large bowl. Measured and added the vinegar.  In went  the mayonnaise (I really need to switch to a lower fat or fat free version), salt and pepper.  I mixed the skim milk with the buttermilk powder, and added that to the mixture.  Now for the Equal Sucralose.  I scooped out 1/2 cup from the yellow canister, and then placed the plastic lid back on.

I mixed the dressing well, and then poured it over the slaw mix, and tossed.

Doesn’t it look great? Cool, Colorful, Crunchy, and thanks to the Equal Sucralose, a lot fewer calories!

 The real test came when it was time to eat…I never said a word and neither did Steve! SCORE – it tasted just like it always does. You can bet that I’m going to be using Equal Sucralose, in the handy yellow canister, in place of sugar, in all my cooking and baking! It is now a staple in my house!

A big thanks to#CBias and #EqualSucralose, for including me in this Shopportunity. Although I was compensated in part, for this post, all opinions expressed are 100% MINE!

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