Brandcation – Ooooooh, I Want to Attend…Here’s Why!

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Have you heard of Brandcation?

I hadn’t until just recently, but the more that I learn about it, the more that I want to attend.

This is where the 30-35 bloggers who will be in attendance, will be staying for the Brandcation: Blog Cabin event , in Gatlinburg, TN this October.  There will be some planned activities, but plenty of time has been carved out for GIRL TALK! Combine that with cool crisp fresh air and gorgeous views…

…who wouldn’t want to attend?  Let me tell you why this gathering is calling my name.

Since moving from my home state, five year ago, I have felt somewhat “lost”.  I had such a close group of wonderful friends that I had to leave behind.  I haven’t seemed to be able to recreate that network here in my new home.  It isn’t that there are no nice people here, but due to the fact that I no longer drive, and of course, I’m medically disabled, and have a whopping case of agoraphobia, I have really become somewhat of a loner.

When we first moved, I honestly thought that I was going to die, from missing my friends and family so much.  Thankfully a very sweet woman took me under her wing, and within a matter of weeks, it was if we had know each other all of our lives.  She shared so many things that she probably never realized were so important, but they meant the world to me.  She took me to her favorite places to shop and introduced me to great little places to eat.  Showed me the back way to get to church, recommended doctors, and physical therapists –  AND –  she included me in her circle of friends.  She, and I, and a couple of other women, kind of became the 5 Misskateres.

Sadly I lost my new found guardian angel far too soon. Exactly one year from the day that we met, she passed away in her sleep.  This was almost more than I could bear. Not long after she died, two of the others moved to another state, and the 5th member of our group, kind of slid out of sight. My medical issues became more significant and the agoraphobia became more intense.  What was I going to do?

Bloggers  to the rescue!  You see, one of my daughters taught me how to blog. She did this over the phone.  Oh my gosh… I was so inept (still am in many ways), that I had trouble with emailing. I started my first blog, just as a way to keep in touch with my large (we have 10 grown children and 18 grandchildren), family, that is scattered across the country.  It didn’t take me long to discover that there were public blogs, and blog niches, and that you could WIN STUFF!

Through blogging, I have made dear friends, in the truest since of the word. Friends that I have never met face to face.  These bloggers have entertained me, educated me, supported me, and have shown me that the world is at my fingertips. THIS is why I want to go to Brandcation.  I want to spend time with a small group of women, who share my joy in blogging.  I believe that I can be comfortable within this small group and know that if I begin to panic, that they will rally round, and help me through.  I know that if I get the chance to attend, that I will have fun, learn new skills and develop new friendships that will endure the test of time and distance.

I’ve told you why I need want to attend Brandcation, but I would like to share with you, what I think that I can contribute to Brandcation.  I’m an older blogger, and have a lot of life experience under my belt.  I’ve raised a house full of children, and I’ve weathered many a storm.  I try to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and will never stop searching for that pot of gold and the end of the rainbow.  My shoulder is available for others to lean on and I have the ability to not only sympathize, but to empathize.  I can talk up a blue streak, but I’m also a good listener.  I try not to be judgmental, but realize that I’m only human, and sometimes I need a swift kick in the butt. I will laugh with you, till tears run down my face. I don’t mind doing dishes, or ironing. I bake fantastic butter rolls, and even though I snore, you won’t hear me over my CPAP machine.

Brandcation=Mini Vacation/ HUGE Rewards! Yep I WANT TO ATTEND:-)

PS – Ladies, my Service Dog would  be coming with me, and I don’t think that I can sleep in a room with a Dear Head staring at me – just say’n:-)

Disclaimer: I wrote this post in the hopes of wining the LAST brandcation ticket (Worth $125) and the FREE Lodging (Worth $150) and a $100travel/food stipend, that is being  sponsored by MomDotMinnesota Blogger,  Life with Levi, and Toni from Just Stop Screaming.



  1. Jessica P. says:

    That looks amazing!

  2. Britni Bradford says:

    I hope you get to go

  3. Michelle S says:

    I wish I could be a part of this!

  4. I hope you win! You definitely deserve it!

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