Reading Horizons – The Foundation for Reading English

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Reading HorizonsThe Foundation for Reading English- offers in-depth Reading/Phonics programs that are perfect for homeschooling families. They’ve been in business for 28 years, and have perfected “Continuing Expertise in Elementary and Low-Level Literacy Instruction.” One program can be used for students in kindergarten through 3rd grade, so your investment goes a long long way.  Have I sparked your interest?  Keep reading, and then watch for my review (and a fantastic giveaway)!

From their Website:

The Reading Horizons Discovery and Reading Horizons computer software programs, along with their corresponding direct-instruction materials, have taught hundreds of thousands of children, youth, and adults to read. Even those designated as non-readers have been able to advance several grade levels while using this interactive, multi-sensory program.

Reading Horizons Mission Statement:

Reading Horizons respects the inherent dignity and worth of every individual. We believe, in a very real sense, that the effective or ineffective functioning of people is this world’s greatest source of progress and happiness or its greatest source of regression and frustration. We are concerned about the growing population of youth and adults who cannot participate in the mainstream of society because they have not learned to read.

We recognize that illiteracy ties us to our past, with all its limitations; learning to read connects us to our future, with its unlimited potential. We are equally concerned about the lack of proper instruction for teachers at all levels, especially elementary school teachers who are entrusted with our children and, thus, our future. It is imperative that students and teachers alike are given the tools and training that they need to succeed.

Reading Horizons Vision:

As our company name suggests, our goal is to provide a dynamic, successful way for people to reach beyond their limitations and discover new horizons by learning to read. Accordingly, Reading Horizons is dedicated specifically to helping people learn to read so they can be better prepared to accomplish real-life tasks that face them every day and so they can create opportunities to expand their horizons in the future.



  1. Sounds like a great program. I like anything that encourages reading writing and math in young ones.

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