I Want a #MomCave and La-Z-Boy Galleries Can Help!

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After raising 10 children, I think that I deserve a special place in my home…just for ME.  I’ve thought long and hard about this, and over time, my wants have evolved into something more…besides desiring form, I have need of function. With La-Z-Boy furniture, those two elements can be easily combined, by getting lots of great ideas with  La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries website , I can shop their Online Catalog for everything!

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries is NOT just about recliners.  They offer a wide selection of sofas ( in all sizes and styles),  tables and chairs. And when I say a wide collection – I’m not joking.  With over 900 different covers – both fabric and leather – and 250 frames, it’s possible to customize your pieces to come up with the perfect fit for your taste.

While raising the kids, my husband and I lived in a tiny little house, that was crammed full of people, cats, birds, dogs, fish…and loads of “hand me down” mismatched pieces.  Often these items were not just ugly – but downright uncomfortable..  Now that all the kids are grown and out on their own, we find ourselves in a large home, with more room than we really need…but this provides me with plenty of space for my MOM CAVE.

My La-Z-Boy Galleries #MomCave Pieces!

This is the room that I think would make a lovely spot for me.  It’s a bedroom downstairs, off the kitchen.

This is one of our spare rooms. Perfect for a #MomCave

#Mom Cave Room

This room really needs a makeover – from dull to the perfect #MomCave

The space isn’t overly large…it has just enough room for what I have in mind.  I’d get rid of every single piece of furniture that’s in the room now, and start fresh. With my medical conditions, I have days when I can hardly move.  Getting up and down can be difficult and painful.  We’ve talked about getting a “lift” chair, but the ones that I’ve seen previously, are nothing nice to look at.  NOT SO with the offerings from the La-Z-Boy Galleries!La-Z-Boy Clayton LUXURY LIFT® Power Recliner 6-Motor Massage & Heat!

Clayton LUXURY LIFT® Power Recliner 6-Motor Massage & Heat

I’ve chosen the  fabric in a pattern called Dimples, in the color Basil. Next on my shopping list is this whimsical, but elegant piece…

Colby Chest of Drawers

Isn’t it just fantastic!

I’d place the small flat screen TV that I have, on it, along with a lamp.  Since the chair and dresser are “heavier” pieces, don’t you feel like the  Hidden Treasures Twig Accent Table would be ideal?

Hidden Treasures Twig Accent Table

To make the room comfortable for overnight guests I’m liking this Leah Supreme Comfort™ Full Sleeper.  The patterns is called Forest. I believe that it picks up the other colors, nicely.

Leah Supreme Comfort™ Full Sleeper.

Guests need a place to prop up their feet, and I love the look of this cocktail table.

Wheaton Hall Square Cocktail Table

For additional storage I would place a the matching end table on each side of the sleeper sofa…

Wheaton Hall Rectangular End Table

I feel that they compliment the  The lighter color and slim legs won’t “weigh the room down”.

I’ve had so much fun putting together my La-Z-Boy #MomCave …you could too!

Did you know that La-Z-Boy furniture is celebrating  being in business for 85 years? They still uphold the values and principles on which they were founded…quality and style that provides the utmost comfort.  Purchasing La-Z-Boy products is truly an investment, because the pieces that you buy, will last for a very long time.

Brooke Shields will continue her role in the ” Live life comfortably” brand campaign.

Sales continue to increase, since  La-Z-Boy Galleries maintains  a high level of integrity by providing quality furniture, and exceptional service.  Put together your dream rooms by using the interactive design tools in the La-Z-Boy showrooms, and/or getting guidance by taking advantage of  free In-Home Assistance from professionals via your local La-Z-Boy Galleries showroom.  The designers will help you to come up with the look you want, working with your budget.

Please take a minute to take a peek at my La-Z-Boy #MomCave Inspiration board on Pinterest, and then create your own board, and enter the Pin To Win your dream Mom Cave.  The winner will receive $5,000 La-Z- Boy Furniture package!

Click the picture below, for all the information!

“I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries. #MomCave #CBias #SocialFabric”

I Want a #MomCave and La-Z-Boy Galleries Can Help!
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  1. Maddie K. says:

    Oh I really love the dresser. I’m going to pin my mom cave wants now too. Great job.

  2. Yes I do agree with you after raising 10 children you deserve your own space.I have mine now that all the kids are grown . I have my computer room or my room as I call it. I have my TV and computer and my books . Cant find me – look there LOL
    I love La-Z-Boy furniture so much. I want one of their recliners but money is real tight so I cant get one now. Thanks for the pictures, I love that striped dresser it is so cute.

  3. Arlene Whitfield says:

    I love the pics! Great post!

  4. Alex Roach says:

    I love the bedding!

  5. awesome idea

  6. Definitely treat yourself! I know from experience how much a well-decorated room can lift some spirits! I love your choice for chest of drawers! Stunning!

  7. Cheyenne P says:

    Gorgeous items you’ve picked out! I wish you the best in accomplishing this! If only I had the room…I think every mommy deserves a room just for them :)

  8. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I need new furniture for the living rom and I’d love some for my own space. I didn’t know about the pin-to-win contest.

  9. Michelle Tucker says:

    OMG I want it all. All those colors just sing to me. Especially the dresser. I’ve been watching a lot of their commercials lately just dreaming about it:)

  10. Love the twit table and the chair.

  11. Lori Thomas says:

    Would love new furniture & a place all my own. Those end tables are really pretty

  12. I love Lazzzzzzzzzzzzy Boy! Id love an L shaped couch!!!!! :) And I agree after 10 kids! U deserve it!

  13. stephanie bryant says:

    need new furniture soon this looks great

  14. Sandy McFadden says:

    I love lazyboy they have such great furniture and keep up with the trends thanks for the great info

  15. Jessica Lodge says:

    Thank you for sharing the Clayton LUXURY LIFT® Power Recliner. We’ve been looking for one for my Grandmother in-law and I have seen some really cheaply made lift recliners :( This one looks so much better.

  16. Susan S., TN says:

    After that many kids u should get whatever YOU WANT!! Y do only the men deserve MAN CAVES??!! I agree we need more More Caves. I love the Lazy Boy furniture. They do a great job and great quality. Hope u enjoy ur MOM CAVE!! Looks Great..

  17. Judith Martinez says:

    I think that striped dresser would be adorable in a boy’s room! I would love to have a room dedicated to my sewing, crafting and creating needs! I’m in the midst of raising 7 and chaos reigns!

  18. All great choices – I absolutely love the chest of drawers!

  19. Susan Broughton says:

    Really nice furniture. If a the guys can have a man cave why can’t a woman have a woman cave.

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