YouTube Tuesday…This One’s for Sarah!

I spend far too much time on YouTube, but hey…I’m old and I don’t have a bedtime. So, without further ado, here in another YouTube Tuesday, and this one’s for Sarah! What mother hasn’t really thought this at one time or another/ OMGosh – this woman is so funny, and I can assure you that… Continue Reading…

Saturday SPAM


It’s been a while, so I thought that it was time for another installment or Saturday SPAM! I spent another lovely afternoon cleaning out my email.  Thought that I would share some new SPAM. I’ve covered from head to toe: Dr. Memory wants to help with my mental decline.  Tara Medium wants to give me… Continue Reading…

YouTube Tuesday – LET IT GO


Here is another YouTube Tuesday –  LET IT GO! For all of you who have been besieged by FROZEN, here are some fun clips. We all can use a good laugh now and then and I assure you that these will get you going.  I hope you enjoy these, and if you have any good… Continue Reading…

Saturday SPAM

Saturday SPAM

Sometimes when I need a good laugh, I scroll through my SPAM. I thought that I’d share, so welcome to Saturday SPAM Sandra, Kimberly, Karen, Tracy and  Jennifer  want me to know that I can get $250,000 life insurance policy for just $14 a month. Rent-a-Yacht wants to help me find the best prices for… Continue Reading…

Gotta love QVC and Ms. Piggy!

This is a Fashionista Events opportunity. It’s a chilly, wet, dreary day here – not sure what the weather is like for you. No matter – sending a little pick-me-up.  here’s a little chuckle for you. Gotta love QVC and Ms. Piggy! This is a Fashionista Events opportunity.

Marshmallow War

MW 1


This is what happens….

…when you leave a step stool in the kitchen, with a 2 year old in the house. This is what happens….

Hysterically Funny or Seriously Disturbing?

Just Plain FUNNY! I’ve had three of my grandchildren living with me since early October.  The middle child is my grand daughter “Thunderbolt”.  She is one of a kind. A few days ago she was playing in my closet.  Later that day, I went in to hang up some clothes…and found this! She just stuck… Continue Reading…

3 Year Old Wants New Parents!

Cowboy Connor

Parents anger three year old. This adorable child is looking for a new set of parents. It seems that my son and daughter-in-law are on his bad side at the moment. He has declared that he is getting a new mom and dad, and that his new dad is going to have HAIR! Any takers?

Wordless Wednesday – When the Dogs Help with Laundry


Friday Funny – Aaarrrggghhh

Friday Funny Arrrgggghhhh

Out of the mouths of babes! This is one of my grandsons.  He isn’t even 3 yet.  He has a vivid imagination.  He was dressed as a pirate, and walked over to his grandfather, and  said…  

Funny Video

Okie Dokie – you all know me, and you know that I’m very conservative. I don’t like to hear, read, or use nasty language & I don’t watch these kinds of shows.  If I’m up late, I’m, blogging, on Facebook, or watching  NCIS re-runs…but OMGOSH – this is funny!

Reasons to have a BIG family:-)

My husband and I, both grew up with one sibling each.  I have a younger sister, and he has a younger brother…so what ever possessed us to have 10 kids? I think that it may have been insanity, but who knows…We lost our minds a long time ago. So why would you want to have… Continue Reading…

Hmmmmm, I Wonder…

Have you ever been bamboozled by the mysteries of life? Well then, you’re in good company. I hope that this will become on ongoing series.. so buckle your seat belts, and get ready to take a ride, on the roller coaster of hilarity (or maybe just skip through the haze of hysteria ) of what… Continue Reading…