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From the Publisher:On July 4, 1845, when Henry David Thoreau moved into his cabin on the shores of Walden Pond, he was probably unaware that his abode in the woods, and the impact and influence of that endeavor, would forever echo through time. … [Read on Reader..]


From the Publisher:Twelve-year-old Jem Lockwood has been fatherless for four years and finally gets a Big Brother, but just as the best summer of his life is about to begin, he discovers that Jesse Standish’s rented house is about to be sold. Jem … [Read on Reader..]

DELIVERING HAPPINESS – Audio / Happy Birthday to ME! – Giveaway # 2

From the Publisher:Pay brand-new employees $2,000 to quit Make customer service the responsibility of the entire company-not just a department Focus on company culture as the #1 priority Apply research from the science of happiness to running a … [Read on Reader..]

WHAT TO WEAR FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE – Happy Birthday to ME! / Giveaway #1

From the Publisher:Every woman's closet-no matter the size-is a room of her own. In that space hang side by side the special occasions and the everyday, the triumphs and the disasters, the memories we want to keep and those we should jettison. Gross … [Read on Reader..]

Happy Birthday to ME!

I was born 55 years ago today.Here are a few comments that were made that year:-) I'll tell you one thing, if things keep going the way they are, it's going to be impossible to buy a week's worth of groceries for $20.00.Have you seen the new cars … [Read on Reader..]

CSN Stores – Twin Beds & More

 As you all probably know by now...I love CSNStores.comComprised of over 200 online stores, CSNStores.comis an easy one stop online shopping site. Do you have any twin beds in your house?Need a twin bed, luxurious bedding, a new … [Read on Reader..]

DESIRE ME / Giveaway

 From the Publisher:The Legend Hunters . . .The Men of Solomon's meet in secret, their very existence only a rumor among the best of Victorian society. They are treasure hunters, men of wealth and title, seekers of myths and legends. And no … [Read on Reader..]

I Haven’t Fallen Off The Planet

Seriously - I haven't dropped off the face of the earth.  I've just been on the road,for like, forever.  I haven't had internet available, but this evening, I managed to pick up on someone'swireless (if I stand on one foot, leaning towards … [Read on Reader..]


From the Publisher:101 THINGS I LEARNED IN BUSINESS SCHOOL will cover a wide range of lessons that are basic enough for the novice business student as well as inspiring to the experienced practitioner. The unique packaging of this book will attract … [Read on Reader..]

101 Monday / 101 THINGS I LEARNED IN FILM SCHOOL – Review

From the Publisher:How to set a scene? What's the best camera angle? How does the new technology interact with scenes? And how does one even get the financing to make a movie? These basic questions and much more are all covered in this exquisite … [Read on Reader..]

101 Monday / 101 THINGS I LEARNED IN CULINARY SCHOOL – Review and Giveaway

From the Publisher:Louis Eguaras, a renowned chef at the Le Cordon Bleu Program at the California School of Culinary Arts, provides readers with a terrific overview of what is truly involved in the preparation, cooking, and presentation of meals. He … [Read on Reader..]

101 Monday / 101 THINGS I LEARNED IN FASHION SCHOOL / Review and Giveaway

From the Publisher:The world of the fashionista is brought to vivid life with 101 introductory lessons on such topics as how a designer anticipates cultural trends and "sees" the fashion consumer, the workings of the fashion calendar, the ways a … [Read on Reader..]


From the Publisher"More years ago than I care to reckon up, I met Richard Feynman." So begins THE LANGUAGE GOD TALKS, Herman Wouk's gem on navigating the divide between science and religion. In one rich, compact volume, Wouk draws on stories from his … [Read on Reader..]

Short Synopsis Sunday: GOD NEVER BLINKS / Audio Review

From the Publisher:Already an internet phenomenon, these wise and insightful lessons by popular newspaper columnist and Pulitzer Prize finalist Regina Brett will make you see the possibilities in your life in a whole new way. When Regina Brett turned … [Read on Reader..]

Short Synopsis Sunday: A WOMAN OF INFLUENCE

From the Publisher:Acclaimed author Rebecca Ann Collins once again turns to the rich tapestry of Pride and Prejudice, moving the beloved characters forward and introducing new characters into a complex social history of an evolving period in English … [Read on Reader..]

Short Synopsis Sunday: A COTTAGE BY THE SEA / Review

From the Publisher:What would you do if you caught your sister in bed with your husband? Chances are at the very least you'd nix your relationship with both of them and run as far away as you could get--especially if the story is going to be … [Read on Reader..]