Ulla Popken – Another Fantastic Outfit!


I absolutely HATE having my picture taken, but I do love this outfit! These are a couple more pieces from the wardrobe, that Ulla Popken sent to me, to wear when I went to Cancun, in February. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the jeans.  They are probably the first pair of jeans that I haven’t had… Continue Reading…

Best Dressed in Ulla Popken! – Outfit #1

Ulla Popken 1

Ulla Popken dressed me to the 9’s for the conference that I attended a couple of weeks ago, in Cancun, Mexico Because I could only get internet “reception” by one of the elevators, and next to the ice machine in the hallway, I was unable to post or”tweet” during my stay.  We (myself and the… Continue Reading…

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